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Saturday 15 December 2018
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Who we are

The Chelmsford Town Twinning Association, a voluntary group, aims to promote links between Chelmsford 's twin towns of Annonay and Backnang at the individual, school, club, association and commercial levels.

The concept of twinning spread in this country, in Europe and across the world after the Second World War when people of goodwill sought consciously to build contact and friendship with communities in other countries and to promote a better understanding of each other. Now the main purpose of twinning is to widen horizons and promote international friendship.

How to get involved:

By becoming members of the CTTA whether as an individual, family or as a member of a group you will be entitled to participate in twinning activities, receive newsletters, invitations to CCTA events and to attend the AGM of the CTTA.

The CTTA can provide:

  • advice and guidance to making travel plans and accommodation in our twin towns
  • talks to groups and societies about our twin towns
  • searches for similar families and groups who wish to arrange exchanges
  • assistance with planning your visit with your hosts in Annonay and Backnang
  • a limited translation service for correspondence

If you wish to accompany and assist the CTTA during a visit to Strassenfest in Backnang or Annonay food market we will always welcome help and make sure you see the major attractions in our twin towns.

If you are an organiser of a club or society we can search for an equivalent club or society in our twin towns and assist with arranging the visit. Over the last few years these have included school exchanges and adult education visits. 

On the sporting side, swimming, water polo, rugby, football and judo exchanges have taken place to name but a few. 

Pen friends and family exchanges have also been promoted and work placements for students to improve their language skills have started. On the hobbies or interest level we have promoted art, folk dancing and music links.


  • Making new European friendships
  • Improve French and German language skills
  • Find out about different traditions and cultures in our French and German twin towns

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